About Me

Welcome to my blog. I'm Rowen and I've been writing here since March 2011 when I discovered the amazing on-line community which exists around craft, travel, lifestyles and reading. I wanted to be able to have a place to share the things on my mind and to be able to keep track of my opinions of books after I'd finished reading them.

 I've been with my husband Robert since April 2009 and we got engaged after Midnight Mass 2013. We got married surrounded by our wonderful family and friend in April 2015. 

I am a scout leader in my free time, but I also love taking pictures, reading, sewing and travelling. I'm no amazing cook and I don't have children. I love beautiful skies, serene and dramatic water, trees and plants, cows and castles.

I enjoy sewing as a way to relax and keep my hands busy whilst watching tv or chatting to my friends. I've worked on a few projects I'm proud of, including a set of embroidered 'seasons' cushions and a 'red and blue tunnel' quilt which I made for Robert. 

I love travelling and exploring new places. Growing up for a number of reasons my family holidayed in France each year, which has given me a love of this beautiful country, but also a yearning to explore beyond it's borders. Since being able to travel without my parents I have gone on educational trips to; Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. I visited Rome with my parents and sister for a long weekend for my 18th birthday and I have holidayed in Kent and Porto Santo with Robert. We honeymooned in the beautiful Cumbria for far too short a time.

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